Do You Need To Sell Your House and Have Equity? Get Full Price With Our Program!

If you have lived in your house for over 15+ years or inherited a house you probably have a lot of equity. If you have equity in your house, you can use that to create a passive income stream when you sell your house. In a traditional sale, you get all your money in one lump sum when you close. Having a chunk of cash can be very appealing for some people. But what if you don’t need the cash right away and would rather have monthly income for many years to come ? Maybe you are at a stage in your life where you just want more monthly income? With our Home Equity Program you can use your equity in your house to make some monthly income and use it for whatever you want. You could make more money from your equity so that you can pay for your expenses, go on more vacations, or pay for your children or grandchildren’s education! Wouldn’t that be great!?

How Does This Work?


We’ll Buy Your House At a Price and Terms That We Both Can Agree On.



Next, We’ll Give You Some Cash At Closing And Sign The Necessary Paperwork.



Finally, Just Pick Up Your Check In Your Mailbox Every Month And Use It For Whatever You Like! It’s That Simple!


More Details

So how do you get an income stream when you sell your house? Well what will happen is, you will sell your house to us with seller financing. Essentially, you act as the bank. In a traditional sale, the buyer goes to a bank to get financing and will pay the bank the monthly mortgage. With our program, you become like a lender. So, you will get cash at closing and you will receive monthly payments till the house is paid off. We will use an attorney to draft the agreement and necessary documents and we will also a mortgage loan originator (MLO) to ensure compliance with state and federal financing standards. After we close, we will be using a payment servicer to deposit your money into your bank account every month so you won’t need to keep track of it. All you need to do is, spend the monthly income as you please.

Benefits To You

You Can Use This Monthly Income To:

  • Pay For Your Monthly Expenses
  • Fund Your Grandchildren’s Education
  • Fund Your Grandchilrens’ Dreams
  • Pay For Your Country Club/Other Membership Fees
  • Pay For Monthly Fees For An Assisted/Senior Living
  • Take Your Family Out To Dinner More Often
  • Buy Clothes, Jewelry
  • Buy More Toys For Grandchildren
  • Go On More Family Outings
  • Travel More Often/Go On More Cruises

Who Might This Program Be Good For?

Our Home Equity Program may be a good fit for people who have at least 65% equity in their house and need to sell their house. Some situations might include:

  • Need To Sell Fast
  • Want Extra Monthly Income
  • Doesn’t Want Their Money Sitting In A Bank
  • Need To Relocate
  • Need To Downsize
  • Need To Move In With Family Member
  • Inherited A House
  • Moving To An Assisted Living/Senior Community And Needs Cash Now And Monthly Income
  • Wants A Secure And Safe Investment
  • Need To Pay For Children’s Or Grandchildren’s Education
  • Tired Of Being A Landlord And Doesn’t Want To Deal With Toilets, Tenants, And Trash
  • Has Multiple Properties Or Needs To Liquidate Properties
  • Going Through A Divorce
  • Has Medical Issues
  • Wants To Sell House For Full Price

Does This Program Sound Appealing To You?

If You Are Interested In Our Program And Have A 1 or 2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom House in Bakersfield, Barstow, Desert Hot Springs, CA, Feel Free To Give Us A Call. We’ll Create Price And Terms Offer That Is A Win/Win For The Both Of Us. We Promise To Treat You Fairly. Just Fill Out The Form Below And We’ll Contact You As Soon As Possible.

Our Home Equity Program

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